About us

About our team, our vision and our roadmap

Our Story

We at Atlas Aero are a group of young visionaries from Bavaria. We are certain that personal transport will undergo substantial transformation within the next decade. Therefore, we have developed and conceptually optimized an airplane during the last years - and now, we are trying to turn that into reality.


Executive Timeline

Construction of a 1:1 RC model airplane as PoC and for exhibition

Throughout 2022

Detailed engineering and construction of manned prototype


Launch of Origin into its beachhead market


Our Team

Who we are

Maximilian Salbaum

Co-Founder and CTO

Maximilian is the creative brain behind the airplane concept. After learning all engineering basics at the University of Bayreuth, he was set to follow his dream: designing and constructing an airplane. During the last years he protected its technical progress with several registered designs. He will continue to lead all technical development efforts in our company.

Jonas Koch

Production & Engineering Expert

Jonas will help our production efforts. After extensive training and experience in boatbuilding and the construction of yachts, he is skilled in most common material processing techniques and versed with fiber composite materials. Jonas is a vital member of the water rescue department of Georgensgmünd.

Valentin Link

Controls & Physics Expert

Valentin is our expert for control design and physics. He is currently finishing his physics PhD at TU Dresden and is a member of the Max Planck Research School. His scientific work focusses on the theoretical description of the dynamics of complex systems. He has experience in simulation and optimization, as well as computational science and programming.

Tobias Salbaum


Tobias took care of public representation and management of the company as CEO from the beginning until early 2022. He holds an engineering M.Sc. with sustainability focus. Tobias has always been fascinated by entrepreneurship and high-tech marketing. He was able to aquire knowledge in project management and marketing during his studies and has gathered additional practical experience in laboratory work and in IT.

Team Development

We are in contact with additional people from physics and engineering background.
We are looking forward to expanding our team to have the capacities to reach our next milestone: a full-scale, functional RC-model of Origin

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