Origin - Reinventing Transport for the People


Although invisible in forward flight, Origin has full vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) capabilities. An additional 30 kph on-street drivability further augments its flexibility:
Start and end your trip - whenever you want, wherever you are.


The streamlined design of our airplane results in aerodynamic properties close to those of gliders - which is yet to be matched in the VTOL category.


Using a unique hybrid drive concept, we combine the best of electric engines and liquid fuels - resulting in a range >400% higher than predicted for purely electric aircraft.
Net-zero CO₂ emission possible by using synthetic fuels.

300 KPH - less than 5l fuel per 100KM

Have you ever imagined being able to continuously travel as fast as a sports car while using just as much fuel as a smart car? We are here to enable this vision - and you will always be on the fastest route!

The Vision

Doing our part - for a sustainable yet awesome future
From tablet PCs over autonomous cars to smart home devices - there are many examples of pieces of predicted technology in science fiction movies decades ago. We have seen flying cars and personal airplanes many times over, yet nothing remotely comparable exists on the market.

At Atlas Aero GmbH we are certain that the technology required is already available. Carbon fiber composites, a lightweight propulsion unit and sophisticated controls from quadcopter technology help us to enable this vision:
A powerful, easy-to-fly and resource efficient personal aircraft - Origin.

"If we worked on the assumption that what is accepted as true really is true, then there would be little hope for advance."

Orville Wright

Drive, Jump and Glide

Participate in road traffic or even go off-road with Origin's 3WD.
Minimizing the nuisance of take-off and landing.
Silently glide through the air - at 300kph.

Take off like a drone,
glide like a bird

Origin's unique hybrid drive concept allows it to start and land vertically while not having aerodynamic obstructions in forward flight.
This results in higher efficiency, longer range and higher cruising speed.

Safety first

Our concept is designed for maximum safety.
Multiple redundancies are engineered into all our essential drive train components, a hierarchical control system will minimize the effect of software errors. In any case, Origin packs a fast-deploying parachute so that your safety is ensured in every case.

Range, Speed
and Efficiency

From anywhere in Munich to a skyscraper in London will take you about three hours. A sub-two hour flight from Munich to Berlin.
London to Paris in just over one hour - with less than 25€ worth of fuel used.

Serial Hybrid -
our Innovation Platform

Origin uses all-electric propulsion, a buffer battery and a generator.
Thus, it can be easily adapted to novel developments; initially using a combustion engine, it can be easily swapped by a fuel cell as soon as they become aviation-ready.

Our Team

The people behind the project

Maximilian Salbaum

Co-Founder & CTO

Head of development and the creative brain behind the project

Tobias Salbaum

Co-Founder & CEO

Taking care of our external representation and management

Jonas Koch

Production & Engineering Expert

As a skilled boatbuilder and engineer, Jonas helps our production efforts

Valentin Link

Controls & Physics Expert

Currently a physics PhD student, Valentin develops Origin's controls

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Are you interested in our project? Do you want to join the team or help our company? Do you have any other questions?
Feel free to contact us - we are happy to get in touch with you.

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